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Where Does The Money Go?

It Started As A Dream
IRS Non-Profit #: 85-2173253

Every NON-PROFIT needs a way to raise funds to pay for any help it is able to give to those in need.  Almost every nonprofit has some form of FOR profit sales they do to raise those funds when donations don't meet there financial goals.

In the past, when we (It Started As A Dream) had the funds we gave the following to homeless:

Tents, tarps, sleeping bags, blankets, water, fast food, clothes, and transportation to appointments.


And to the not homeless we gave:

Refrigerators, boxes and bags of food, paid rent, electric bills, gas bills, telephone for month, and provided transportation to appointments.


We also provided shelter to those just released from prison and helped them find employment then an apartment of their own.


These things are NOT cheep.  We need funds to keep helping others.

No one involved with It Started As A Dream benefits, we do not receive any wages.

Get to Know Us

"IT STARTED AS A DREAM" was born on July 12, 2020.

On August 19, 2020, we filed with the IRS for the nonprofit (P12) 501(c)3.  Then on October 7, 2020 we were approved.  Our IRS number is 85-2173253.

On September 11, 2020 we filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission as a nonprofit (501(c)3), and on September 21, 2020 we were recognized as a nonprofit by the State of Arizona.

Our CEO Wilma Morgel, is both a "Certified Life Coach" and a "Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist".

This allows us to raise funds so we can help those in an emergency such as a fire.  If you would like to donate to our cause, or ask any questions, please email:

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