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This is a get to know you and make sure your equipment works for a video session with us.

We do not share any of your information with anyone outside of this office.  I do like to record all the sessions so I can go back over them and make sure I didn't miss anything important.  You also have my permission to record them.  In fact doing so and then listen to them several times may help you with something you might have missed.


As the name states, this is just to work on ONE question.  Length of video varies.

We use the "Cash App" program to receive your payment.  You will need to use your cell phone to make the payment.  The software is free and they don't charge us a fee.  The link is here.


To use PayPal or any other programs we are charged a fee.


This is a full 30 minute session.

I have found that if you go beyond 30 minutes per session then you end up going over the same things repeatedly.


This session allows everyone a chance to speak.

For more than 10 people, email me before scheduling session (

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